Audio-Video Playback Help

Reasons The Video won't play on Your Device...
1. The Browser That You are using does not support mp4 video playback.
2. The Administrator has turned off ALL access to the media file server. WHY?
3. The Administrator has turned off Your access to the media file server. WHY Me?
4. Your Entire Country is temporarily Blocked, an asshole from your country emailed me
claiming to have hacked my webcam and demanding BitCOin payment.

Dear Mr. asshole, I thank for your concern. please note: I puchase special software from 1 of your asshole fiends that make it
that I can hack the BTC wallet link you gave so please put more money in it.
and recommend you install virus protect on your bitcoin account and
not put on that account any more pictures of you masturbating. I not intend evil, I just safe you.

[What to Do?]
For a Windows PC..

Download RP Media Player

For other devices You can get VLC to play the Media Streams Here.. Realitypoint Media Streams

Or check out the links below.


RealityPoint Home


RealityRock Home